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Cassidy Launches New Online Trailer, CASSIDY 2014
“A reminder of our history and nod to our future,” is how newly promoted Cassidy & Associates Co-Chairmen Kai Anderson and Barry Rhoads describe the firm’s new online video trailer launched this morning on the Cassidy & Associates social media platforms and its website. The trailer will be featured on the Cassidy & Associates YouTube Channel.
China's 'Lianghui' has Implications for Foreign Investors
As Asia-watchers, security hawks, investors and others around the globe know well, the annual meetings of China’s legislature, the National People’s Congress (NPC), and its twenty-two hundred member political advisory body, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), opened last week, where major decisions about the future of the country are likely to be made and where the stage for the incoming administration will be set.
Continuing Resolution
Congress will take up a Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the government the week of Sept. 19th, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) stated September 13th, which could prevent a government shutdown caused by Congress not passing appropriations bills by the new fiscal year
Farm Bill 2012 Discussions Play Out Across the Country
The House Agriculture Committee is in the process of holding a series of hearings across the country in order to review the current agricultural policy as lawmakers prepare to draft the 2012 Farm Bill
Jordan Bernstein 
FDA Considers Limits on Sodium
Currently, the food industry is not obligated to regulate the amount of sodium in products as sodium is generally recognized as safe by the FDA
Donna Jo Denison 
Game Changing Technology
We recently attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where we discovered 2 game-changing technologies.
Susann M. Edwards 
Is the Value-Added Tax a Possible Solution?
Recently, there has been renewed debate about whether or not adoption of this type of tax structure would help the U.S. address the growing deficit and debt problem.
Oil Spill Oversight Hearings Announced
While impacts are still being assessed, undoubtedly there will be far reaching economic and environmental repercussions for the region
Donna Jo Denison 
School Security: Good Enough for the Pentagon, Good Enough for Our Schools
Cassidy & Asscoiates client MACE Security International Inc.'s CEO John McCann writes as a guest contributor to American School & University Magazine's Safety at School blog on an important conversation starting on Capitol Hill encouraging federal investment in proven and effective non-lethal security options for our schools.
Status of Food Safety Bill
In response to a large peanut butter recall early in 2009 a bi-partisan coalition of Senators introduced a bill to amend the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1936.
Donna Jo Denison 
The Future of Both Food Safety and BPA Uncertain
As the days and weeks tick down, so do the chances of passage for a number of bills held up in the Senate. One of these is S.510, better known as the Food Safety Bill.
Jordan Bernstein 
The Healthcare Bill: Potential Effects in the Corporate World
The recently passed healthcare bill which aims to cover millions of uninsured Americans included several provisions that corporations are feeling the effects of, in spite of the fact that many of these conditions will not be enforced until 2014.
Jordan Bernstein 
The Insiders - Cassidy & Associates Launches New Online Magazine
This morning on LinkedIn, Cassidy & Associates CEO Gerry Cassidy helped launch a new online news magazine, the insiders, giving readers an authentic look at Washington.
The Rise of the Private Sector in Trade Facilitation
Since 2008, negotiations by the World Trade Organization on multilateral agreements have stalled. Disagreements on major issues between key nations have resulted in a deadlock. Coupled with a domestic political stalemate on three free trade agreements, all of which have been negotiated but are stalled in Congress, the future of bilateral trade barrier reduction is uncertain.
Donna Jo Denison 
Washington’s Fight Over Helium Was No Laughing Matter
Cassidy & Associates Senior Vice President Kevin Binger explains how Washington averted an historic shortage of helium that jeopardized its use to cool medical equipment like MRIs and in the manufacture of LCD TVs, semiconductor chips, fiber optic cables as well as powering NASA’s rockets.
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