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Big Ass Solutions Gets Big Time Recognition

A big pat on the back to Cassidy & Associates client Big Ass Solutions!

Bill to Bolster Education as Counterinsurgency Tool
Earlier this year, legislation was introduced in the House that, as much as anything we’ve seen, strikes at the heart of some of the most challenging foreign policy, international affairs and security issues that the U.S. faces today
Boeing-Airbus Dispute Highlights Potential Government Acquisition Pitfalls
In a ruling that many US Senators are already hailing as a “landmark decision”, the WTO has effectively shaken up the commercial aircraft market landscape.
Bouncy Gym Ball or Sophisticated Robot?
What looks like a bouncy ball you might find at your gym is actually a sophisticated, state-of-the-art robot on display at the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Association of the United States Army, AUSA, in Washington, D.C. this week.
BRAC ALERT - Pentagon Preps for New BRAC Round

As expected, President Obama’s budget request for FY 2014 includes a request to Congress to authorize a new Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) round in 2015.

Cassidy Energy Security Expert Featured Speaker at Defense Renewable Energy Summit
Cassidy & Associates Senior Vice President Dave Belote is among the energy security experts and a featured speaker this morning at the 4th Annual Defense Renewable Energy Summit in Washington.
Cassidy Energy Security Expert in the Spotlight
Cassidy & Associates Senior Associate Janie Wise sits down to talk about her work at the nexus of national defense and energy security with the Women's Council on Energy and the Environment for its member spotlight column.
Cassidy Launches New Online Trailer, CASSIDY 2014
“A reminder of our history and nod to our future,” is how newly promoted Cassidy & Associates Co-Chairmen Kai Anderson and Barry Rhoads describe the firm’s new online video trailer launched this morning on the Cassidy & Associates social media platforms and its website. The trailer will be featured on the Cassidy & Associates YouTube Channel.
Cassidy National Security Team Releases Resource Document for America’s Defense Communities
From BRAC, to climate change and energy, our military health system, to creating and fostering effective public and private partnerships, the Cassidy & Associates National Security Team analyzes it all in its proprietary resource document after participating in the annual National Summit of The Association of Defense Communities (ADC) in Washington, D.C.
Cassidy National Security Team Remembers Friend and Client
Cassidy & Associates and its National Security Team remember a friend and client this week following the death of Ike McLeese, President of the Greater Columbia South Carolina Chamber of Commerce.
Cassidy Sponsors National Summit on Defense Energy Solutions
Accelerating clean energy and infrastructure solutions for the DOD is the focus this week in Austin, TX as Cassidy & Associates is a lead sponsor of the Defense Energy Summit and Innovation Showcase.
Cassidy Welcomes Leading Defense Energy Expert to Team
Cassidy & Associates welcomes one of the nation’s foremost defense energy experts to its team as Col. Dave Belote, ret. USAF joins the firm as a Senior Vice President.
Cassidy’s National Security Team Mobilizing Clients Ahead of Budget Announcement
The White House is expected to submit President Barack Obama’s FY2014 budget to Congress on April 10, but the Cassidy & Associates National Security Team has been mobilizing its clients across the country far in advance of next week’s action.
With shrinking budgets and increased workloads, the federal government needs the private sector to help cut operating costs.
Continuing Resolution
Congress will take up a Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the government the week of Sept. 19th, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) stated September 13th, which could prevent a government shutdown caused by Congress not passing appropriations bills by the new fiscal year
Cooperation Key to Cyber Security
This past week, it was reported that DHS has been dispatching teams of cyber security experts to assess defensive capabilities at key power plants across the country.
Cyber Protection — Who’s Checking The Back Door?
While Bill S. 3480 – Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act of 2010 (sponsored by Senators Lieberman and Collins) is a good start, it does not adequately address the protection of our nation’s critical cyber supply chain.
DoD Strategy
The Sec of Defense said the Pentagon is making “targeted changes” to weapons programs, upgrades and operations costs.
Drone Protests Demonstrate Need for Industry Engagement
Protestors this week in Atlanta wearing large hats in the shape of drones and holding signs with the White House switchboard phone number signal the increasingly important and immediate need for industry to be fully engaged in the debate and decisions made in Washington.
Energy Security in the White House Budget
What did Cassidy & Associates Energy Security Expert Dave Belote find in President Barack Obama's 2015 budget released earlier this week? Find out in a new episode of The Insiders.
Federal Purchases Will Exceed $1.2 Trillion In The Fourth Quarter Of 2011
The race to exhaust funds and execute programs will be intense in 2012. Agencies will be motivated to spend their money before it gets taken away.
Fewer Americans Leery of Drones
Results of two new polls show most Americans are okay with drones flying over their backyards whether it’s for commercial use, or for safety, or catching crooks and terrorists which makes today the time for industry to press home their benefits with the federal oversight agencies and Congress.
Rewind to March 1991 as Lieutenant Colonel Barry Rhoads catches up with former U.S. Secretary of State and NATO Supreme Commander Alexander Haig before the first Department of Defense Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC).
Free Trade Agreement Will Aid Korean Security
One way to benefit both the US and Korea is to finally approve the US and Korean Free Trade Agreement, which was signed on June 30, 2007.
Game Time
The Federal Government has 6 months to spend a 12 month budget.
House Armed Services Commitee Releases Report.
March 26, the House Armed Services Committee’s (HASC) Panel on Business Challenges Within the Defense Industry released their report: Challenges to Doing Business with the Department of Defense.
If you think nothing is getting done…
Since Jan 3, 2011, the Senate has introduced 1914 bills and the House has introduced 3508 bills. 57 bills have been signed into law.
It’s Time to Start Planning for FY13
The military services will begin briefing combatant commanders next week on their revised five-year spending plans as the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) begins its Fiscal Year 2013 budget review.
Key US Enroute Air Bases, Like Gander International Airport, Need to be Maintained
Recent events in Kyrgyzstan emphasize the importance of the U.S. Air Force world-wide infrastructure.
Legislators Need to Consider Latest in Telemedicine when Discussing Health IT
With the federal government currently trying to implement health care reform legislation, Cassidy & Associates continues to stay abreast of the political landscape.
Look to the Sky for Washington’s Fight This Summer
Yesterday’s remarks by President Obama addressing questions raised by Attorney General Eric Holder’s recent admission that counterterrorism drone strikes have killed four Americans overseas since 2009 provided a preview of what’s expected to be one of summer’s most heated legislative battles in Washington.
MacArthur’s Prescient West Point Address
Could Gen MacArthur have envisioned this level of cooperation, and the use of today’s information technology.
Market, Market, Market
The 3 most important words to remember to be successful in building your Federal Business.
Opportunities Are Everywhere
You just have to know where to look. Here are 2 basic rules.
New regulations and budget cuts always lead to new business.
Protecting Existing Business
With the government focused on reducing expenses it is more important than ever to focus on retaining business.
Rapid Acquisition of Cyber Tools
Pentagon plans for priority weapons to be financed through the use of operational funds over a period of days or months.
Reversibility and Expansibility
The act of generating needed capabilities and capacities quickly in response to operational demands in defence of our nation and its vital national interests.
Saving Fuel
In an effort to save the US military money, Gander Airport, in New Foundland, Canada, is “speeding up” its aircraft servicing and creating a rapid refueling program for US military aircraft that land there.
Second Blow Dealt to Airbus in Midst of Refueling Tanker Controversy
In a recent blog post, I described the recent World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling that airline manufacturer Airbus benefitted unfairly from European Union subsidies. More recent news has broken, as the WTO has decided to delay its decision on a similar case examining whether Airbus competitor Boeing also benefitted from similar subsidies.
Sequester Grounds 'Cadillac of Air Combat'
The sequester, modernization efforts, BRAC, and defense infrastructure are all inextricably tied together and this week more signs of the consequences of the changing dynamics at the Pentagon as we learn the Air Force has ordered the 336th Fighter Squadron to stop flying its F-15E Strike Eagles.
Support for Allies in East Africa
In light of the October 29th interception of two explosive devices on cargo flights departing from Yemen and headed for the West, the recently-released Congressional Research Service (CRS) report by Lauren Ploch, “Countering Terrorism in East Africa: The U.S. Response,” is both timely and relevant.

Even with the Failure of the Budget Super Committee we should be thankful...

Cuts do not take effect until 2013--giving us 13 months to prepare.

The 2013 Budget
All things considered, I would rather be in the Federal Sales market vs. the Commercial Sales market.
The Conversation on BRAC Has Begun - Cassidy Resource Document Analyzes the Debate

The likelihood of a future BRAC round was the leading topic at the opening of the National Summit of The Association of Defense Communities (ADC) as it featured two senior defense officials making the case for new BRAC authority and this excerpt from the Cassidy National Security Team's Resource Document for America’s Defense Communities takes a closer look at their remarks.

The Gov Doesn’t Buy What It Doesn’t Trust And It Doesn’t Trust What It’s Not Familiar With
The best way to improve sales is to sell where they know you.
The Insiders - Cassidy & Associates Launches New Online Magazine
This morning on LinkedIn, Cassidy & Associates CEO Gerry Cassidy helped launch a new online news magazine, the insiders, giving readers an authentic look at Washington.
The Pentagon's Four Letter Word
Yesterday's launch of the Cassidy & Associates online news magazine, the insiders, included a featured story with Cassidy President Barry Rhoads talking about the 'acronym that makes the Pentagon shudder', but did you catch the full Insiders interview on the Cassidy YouTube Channel as Barry gets candid about the benefits of an agressive community as well as the politically squeaky wheel and the sequester ripple effect.
The Super Committee
After weeks of secret meetings, the deficit-cutting panel established under last summer's budget deal doesn’t look like its making progress.
This is the season for government business
You should be busy bidding on government contracts…and if you're not, you should be--even if you're not going to bid on them directly yourself.
Upcoming BRAC
On January 5, 2012, President Barack Obama, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey discussed changes in the military’s long-term plans and how the proposed changes will establish future budgeting priorities.
Susann M. Edwards 
Vacations & Guides
I am just getting back from a trip to Morocco. It was great and I saw "everything" because I hired a guide.
Washington’s Fight Over Helium Was No Laughing Matter
Cassidy & Associates Senior Vice President Kevin Binger explains how Washington averted an historic shortage of helium that jeopardized its use to cool medical equipment like MRIs and in the manufacture of LCD TVs, semiconductor chips, fiber optic cables as well as powering NASA’s rockets.
“I’m losing $30M a year, but I can’t afford to stop paying.”
That’s a quote I recently heard from a high-level Government Executive. Yes…there are many inefficiencies out there, but who can afford to fix them in the current budget environment?
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