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Big Ass Solutions Gets Big Time Recognition

A big pat on the back to Cassidy & Associates client Big Ass Solutions!

Can the Pentagon Turn $40 a Gallon Biofuel Into a More Affordable Alternative?
Given the political condition of the global oil trade today, our military and essentially our national security, are at the mercy of a volatile international oil market just as much as American families are when we pull up to the gas station.
Cassidy & Associates Forms Strategic Alliance with AgriThority
Cassidy & Associates has developed a strategic partnership with Missroui based AgriThority.
Cassidy Energy Security Expert Featured Speaker at Defense Renewable Energy Summit
Cassidy & Associates Senior Vice President Dave Belote is among the energy security experts and a featured speaker this morning at the 4th Annual Defense Renewable Energy Summit in Washington.
Cassidy Energy Security Expert in the Spotlight
Cassidy & Associates Senior Associate Janie Wise sits down to talk about her work at the nexus of national defense and energy security with the Women's Council on Energy and the Environment for its member spotlight column.
Cassidy Launches New Online Trailer, CASSIDY 2014
“A reminder of our history and nod to our future,” is how newly promoted Cassidy & Associates Co-Chairmen Kai Anderson and Barry Rhoads describe the firm’s new online video trailer launched this morning on the Cassidy & Associates social media platforms and its website. The trailer will be featured on the Cassidy & Associates YouTube Channel.
Cassidy National Security Team Releases Resource Document for America’s Defense Communities
From BRAC, to climate change and energy, our military health system, to creating and fostering effective public and private partnerships, the Cassidy & Associates National Security Team analyzes it all in its proprietary resource document after participating in the annual National Summit of The Association of Defense Communities (ADC) in Washington, D.C.
Cassidy Sponsors National Summit on Defense Energy Solutions
Accelerating clean energy and infrastructure solutions for the DOD is the focus this week in Austin, TX as Cassidy & Associates is a lead sponsor of the Defense Energy Summit and Innovation Showcase.
Cassidy Welcomes Leading Defense Energy Expert to Team
Cassidy & Associates welcomes one of the nation’s foremost defense energy experts to its team as Col. Dave Belote, ret. USAF joins the firm as a Senior Vice President.
China's 'Lianghui' has Implications for Foreign Investors
As Asia-watchers, security hawks, investors and others around the globe know well, the annual meetings of China’s legislature, the National People’s Congress (NPC), and its twenty-two hundred member political advisory body, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), opened last week, where major decisions about the future of the country are likely to be made and where the stage for the incoming administration will be set.
Continuing the Updates on Climate Change Legislation
Cassidy & Associates Sr. VP Tom Dennis gives another update on where things stand with the Senate’s latest effort to move Climate Change legislation forward.
Tom Dennis 
Energy Bill Picking up Steam in Congress?
The long-awaited Kerry-Graham-Lieberman draft of a climate bill is slated to be released on April 26th, and President Obama is weighing in
Tom Dennis 
Energy Legislation in the New Congress
With the 2010 election results almost complete, guesswork is in high gear about both the direction and scope of energy legislation in the 112th Congress.
Tom Dennis 
Energy or Climate Legislation or Both?
Congressional consideration of legislation to address our energy problems seems to be moving to the front burner again.
Tom Dennis 
Energy Security in the White House Budget
What did Cassidy & Associates Energy Security Expert Dave Belote find in President Barack Obama's 2015 budget released earlier this week? Find out in a new episode of The Insiders.
Farm Bill 2012 Discussions Play Out Across the Country
The House Agriculture Committee is in the process of holding a series of hearings across the country in order to review the current agricultural policy as lawmakers prepare to draft the 2012 Farm Bill
Jordan Bernstein 
First Steps Taken Towards Next Farm Bill
House Agriculture Committee Chairman Colin Peterson has held and scheduled a number of oversight field hearings across the country to advance consideration of the reauthorization of the Farm Bill which expires in 2012
Donna Jo Denison 
Linde to Invest More Than $200M in Texas-Sized Gasification Complex
Linde's recent announcement of plans for a new gasification plant will create the world's largest gas-based partial oxidation complex for the production of syngas products for petrochemicals.
Oil Spill Oversight Hearings Announced
While impacts are still being assessed, undoubtedly there will be far reaching economic and environmental repercussions for the region
Donna Jo Denison 
Senior Capitol Hill Aide Joins Cassidy & Associates
Cassidy & Associates is broadening its footprint in Energy and Environment with the addition of a senior staff member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Kaleb Froehlich, who served as the committee’s senior counsel to ranking member Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and will serve as a Vice President at the firm.
Sixth Annual National Clean Energy Summit Opens in Vegas
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is opening the sixth annual National Clean Energy Summit right now in Las Vegas and the Cassidy & Associates team of Gregg Hartley, Kai Anderson and Tom Dennis is there.
Stationary Fuel Cells Important Part of Natural Gas Sector
MIT released an interim report today examining the future of natural gas as a fuel in an increasingly emissions averse world
Terry Paul, BG, USMC (Ret) 
Supreme Court Departure Likely to Impact Climate Change Legislation in 2010
Last Friday’s announced retirement of Justice John Paul Stevens may have the unintended consequence of also retiring fleeting hopes for the passage of a comprehensive climate change and energy bill during this session of Congress.
Tom Dennis 
The Conversation on BRAC Has Begun - Cassidy Resource Document Analyzes the Debate

The likelihood of a future BRAC round was the leading topic at the opening of the National Summit of The Association of Defense Communities (ADC) as it featured two senior defense officials making the case for new BRAC authority and this excerpt from the Cassidy National Security Team's Resource Document for America’s Defense Communities takes a closer look at their remarks.

The Healthcare Bill: Potential Effects in the Corporate World
The recently passed healthcare bill which aims to cover millions of uninsured Americans included several provisions that corporations are feeling the effects of, in spite of the fact that many of these conditions will not be enforced until 2014.
Jordan Bernstein 
The Insiders - Cassidy & Associates Launches New Online Magazine
This morning on LinkedIn, Cassidy & Associates CEO Gerry Cassidy helped launch a new online news magazine, the insiders, giving readers an authentic look at Washington.
My wife and I decide to write the MINI E down as something to consider in the future when replacing a commuter vehicle.
Washington’s Fight Over Helium Was No Laughing Matter
Cassidy & Associates Senior Vice President Kevin Binger explains how Washington averted an historic shortage of helium that jeopardized its use to cool medical equipment like MRIs and in the manufacture of LCD TVs, semiconductor chips, fiber optic cables as well as powering NASA’s rockets.
White Space

There are 3 ways to create White Space in business.

1. Fulfilling unmet customer needs in a current market. 2. Creating new customers and new markets. 3. Responding to shifts in market demand created by government policy and new technology.
Will Obama’s Summer Trip to Africa ‘Power’ His Legacy to the Continent?
In the first of a two part interview, Cassidy & Associates Senior Vice President Mark Clack discusses a renewed emphasis on Africa by the White House as it prepares for President Obama's trip to sub-Saharan Africa this summer and a potential initiative addressing "energy poverty" on the continent.
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