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Cassidy & Associates Forms Strategic Alliance with AgriThority
Cassidy & Associates has developed a strategic partnership with Missroui based AgriThority.
D.C.'s First-Ever Cranberry Bog Comes to Life at Union Station
Why is Cassidy's Donna Denison interviewing an Ocean Spray grower in the middle of a ton of floating cranberries at Washington's Union Station?
Do Women Make Better Senators Than Men?
As a former legislative aide to Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) a story in National Journal’s annual Women of Washington out today that asks the question, ‘do women make better senators than men?’ caught my attention.
Election Impact Pending Food & Agriculture Policy Lame Duck and Beyond
The Mid-term power shift will result in significant changes on both the Senate and House Agriculture Committees.
Donna Jo Denison 
Farmers Qualify for Stimulus Funds due to Heavy Rains
Despite record rains and flooding in Iowa, 2008 was a good year for farmers. Due to spikes in prices for crops such as corn and soybeans, net farm income increased 60% from 2007 to 2008. However, even farms that had a profitable year received an extra influx of cash due to a provision in the Stimulus bill.
Donna Jo Denison 
FDA Considers Limits on Sodium
Currently, the food industry is not obligated to regulate the amount of sodium in products as sodium is generally recognized as safe by the FDA
Donna Jo Denison 
First Steps Taken Towards Next Farm Bill
House Agriculture Committee Chairman Colin Peterson has held and scheduled a number of oversight field hearings across the country to advance consideration of the reauthorization of the Farm Bill which expires in 2012
Donna Jo Denison 
GOP Gains - Impact Key Health Care Policy Issues
Capitalizing on voter discontent, Republicans claimed control of the House of Representatives picking up 60 seats with a few right leaning races still to be decided. In the Senate the Republicans gained six seats outright.
Jordan Bernstein 
Growing Concern over Declining Livestock Farms
New information on the dwindling numbers of livestock producers in the U.S. has prompted a series of meetings led by Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsak over the last few months.
Donna Jo Denison 
Its Round Three for the US and EU
Cassidy & Associates Vice President Donna Jo Denison is directly engaging with key negotiators of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or T-TIP, today as the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office hosts U.S. and EU stakeholders to learn more about negotiations.
Oil Spill Oversight Hearings Announced
While impacts are still being assessed, undoubtedly there will be far reaching economic and environmental repercussions for the region
Donna Jo Denison 
Staking Out Positions on US-EU Free Trade Agreement
Members of Congress, the European Commission President and the French Trade Minister are among some of the more notables who’ve spoken out, some to encourage progress on the agreement and some to pull back on the reigns.
Status of Food Safety Bill
In response to a large peanut butter recall early in 2009 a bi-partisan coalition of Senators introduced a bill to amend the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1936.
Donna Jo Denison 
The Rise of the Private Sector in Trade Facilitation
Since 2008, negotiations by the World Trade Organization on multilateral agreements have stalled. Disagreements on major issues between key nations have resulted in a deadlock. Coupled with a domestic political stalemate on three free trade agreements, all of which have been negotiated but are stalled in Congress, the future of bilateral trade barrier reduction is uncertain.
Donna Jo Denison 
Will Egg Recall Scramble Up Action on Food Safety Bill?
The recent egg recall, due to an aggressive outbreak of Salmonella, only served to increase the public pressure on the Senate to pass S510, the Food Safety Modernization Act.
Donna Jo Denison 
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