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Big Ass Solutions Gets Big Time Recognition

A big pat on the back to Cassidy & Associates client Big Ass Solutions!

Bouncy Gym Ball or Sophisticated Robot?
What looks like a bouncy ball you might find at your gym is actually a sophisticated, state-of-the-art robot on display at the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Association of the United States Army, AUSA, in Washington, D.C. this week.
Cassidy’s National Security Team Mobilizing Clients Ahead of Budget Announcement
The White House is expected to submit President Barack Obama’s FY2014 budget to Congress on April 10, but the Cassidy & Associates National Security Team has been mobilizing its clients across the country far in advance of next week’s action.
EaglePicher Technologies Marks 10 Years with Cassidy & Associates
Cassidy & Associates Vice Chair Gregg Hartley announces that EaglePicher Technologies will continue its 10 year relationship with Cassidy as its Lithium-ion Aircraft Battery nears certification.
Remembrance of Veterans
On a recent Veteran’s Day, Gerry Cassidy hosted the annual Cassidy & Associates Veterans Day luncheon for all of us in the firm who had served in the armed forces. Our Guest of Honor was the oldest living Marine at the time, Mr. Herb Bowen.
Terry Paul, BG, USMC (Ret) 
Stationary Fuel Cells Important Part of Natural Gas Sector
MIT released an interim report today examining the future of natural gas as a fuel in an increasingly emissions averse world
Terry Paul, BG, USMC (Ret) 
Upcoming BRAC
On January 5, 2012, President Barack Obama, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey discussed changes in the military’s long-term plans and how the proposed changes will establish future budgeting priorities.
Susann M. Edwards 
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