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New BPA Study Examines Receipts

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For those Americans who believe they are successfully avoiding contact with the controversial chemical known as BPA through avoiding plastic bottles and food cans, a new study shows they’ll have to try a little harder.A study recently completed by Environmental Working Group showed that the chemical is found in receipts issued by major U.S. retailers such as grocery stores and restaurants among others. The concern with this finding is that the chemical can be absorbed through the skin and then potentially spread internally by ingesting it through touching the mouth.However, a representative specializing in BPA from American Chemistry Council has criticized the study pointing out that the employees who handle the store receipts on a regular basis, have not been shown to have a significant amount of BPA present in their systems. He suggested that BPA is safe and any bans on its use in receipts or otherwise is not necessary.This study comes out as the Food Safety Bill is pending approval in the Senate. Part of the reasoning behind stalling of the bill is due to the controversy over the concern that it does not do enough to address the issue of BPA.
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