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Putting Our Team To Work For You

Cassidy & Associates has a long and successful history of working with organizations to identify and develop opportunities for federal funding support for important initiatives.

In today's competitive environment, you need a team with the creativity and flexibility to position your project with federal officials and Members of Congress in a way that not only warrants, but also attracts federal assistance.

Cassidy & Associates is that experienced team of experts.


Cassidy & Associates was founded on a new approach to requesting federal support for worthy endeavors through appropriated funds - one that was so successful that it has become the model.

Our teams use this experience to bring a proactive attitude and detailed knowledge to the process.


We take the time to set a firm foundation by first studying your needs and your vision.

Every engagement starts with a strategic inventory of your resources and an analysis of your strengths so we can pair you with the funding opportunities that best fit your goals.

Our team develops and executes a comprehensive strategy for you that involves far more than simply submitting a funding request.

We craft new partnerships, build new agency relationships, and facilitate the passage of new legislative language.

We can also seek grants and promote legislative requests that advance your interests.

This approach has an unparalleled record of success and can be put to work to help you achieve your goals.


Years of experience in the federal appropriations process has given our team an unmatched ability to be able to match your organization's needs with suitable funding streams.

As federal priorities change, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you adapt your project to meet the government's needs.

Our expertise extends far beyond compliance with federal funding request rules.

We know the agency and congressional professionals who make crucial decisions.

We understand the dynamic nature of the federal funding process, including how to craft your request, when action is needed, who to contact, and how to achieve your ultimate goal.

Through their knowledge, our team has achieved a reputation for credibility and professionalism that works to your advantage.

Federal officials know that we bring strong requests, designed to meet our clients’ needs and the public good in equal measure.


We understand that continued focus on our clients’ goals is what keeps Cassidy & Associates a leader in Washington.

That is why we take care to assemble first-rate teams to service you.

We also can devote the extensive resources of the whole firm to handle any challenges that may arise.

While we cannot guarantee success on every appropriations request, we do guarantee that you will receive the full efforts of a highly qualified firm that has demonstrated its capabilities again and again.

Federal funding is a highly competitive process.

To optimize your opportunities for success, you need the best.

You need Cassidy & Associates.

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