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Rebecca Lambe

Rebecca Lambe

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Senior Advisor

A seasoned veteran of state and federal policy initiatives and Democratic campaigns, Rebecca Lambe is one of the nation’s top political strategists. After graduating from one of the nation’s leading Journalism schools, Lambe applied her training to political campaigns in 1992, a decision that led to two decades of developing and executing winning electoral strategies for candidates and clients. Lambe’s mastery of the political process, tenacity and keen understanding of what drives political decision-making has been invaluable in both the arena of political campaigns and policy initiatives.

Most recently, Lambe was a founding board member of Project New West, an organization committed to developing research and successful message and electoral strategies for progressives in the West and is a founder and top strategist to Majority PAC, the Democratic SuperPAC instrumental to holding the Senate Democratic majority in 2012. Lambe also served as Majority Leader Harry Reid’s chief political strategist and has been widely credited as the architect of his stunning re-election comeback in 2010. In 2011, she was awarded campaign manager of the year by the prestigious American Association of Political Consultants. New Yorker Magazine called Lambe Reid’s “secret weapon.”

Recruited to Nevada in 2003, Lambe was tasked with rebuilding the Democratic Party’s campaign apparatus in Nevada. Under her leadership, the Party made steady gains through the 2006 cycle. In 2006, Lambe led the effort to secure the first-ever early Western presidential caucuses in Nevada, which resulted in massive Democratic voter registration gains and a near Democratic sweep in 2008.

Lambe’s commitment to the West includes efforts to both harness and protect its natural resources. Lambe founded and serves as an advisor to the Clean Energy Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting a clean energy economy nationally, in Nevada and throughout the West. CEP has helped establish a dialog and create the environment necessary for the development of a clean energy and transmission in Nevada. The Clean Energy Project has helped to facilitate the widely attended and publicized National Clean Energy Summits in partnership with the Center for American Progress and Senator Harry Reid.

Prior to her work in Nevada, Lambe served as Deputy Chief of Staff to the late Gov. Mel Carnahan (D-MO) and played a key role in his historic campaign for the US Senate. Lambe also served as State Director and campaign manager for Senator Jean Carnahan (D-MO). During her time in Missouri, Lambe worked for numerous elected officials and candidates. In 1996, Lambe worked as a researcher for Farinella & Associates, a national campaign research firm and later for Philadelphia-based Shorr & Associates.

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